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Neighborhood Info     This map shows street art, murals, and graffiti in the Upper West Side of Atlanta.  Why would anyone go looking for street art in Atlanta’s Upper West Side?  It’s nothing but warehouses and industrial parks right??? … WRONG!!!  Anyone who hasn’t driven down Marietta Street for a few years is in for a surprise!  Block after block of dingy industrial property is being replaced by bright and shiny new lofts and mixed use developments.

Recent developments in this swath of Atlanta between Buckhead and the Chattahoochee River represent a one billion dollar investment. And this investment is paying dividends in the neighborhood attracting high-end shopping, restaurants, and upscale residential housing.  Plans are also in the works to turn the area bordering the Chattahoochee into a residential  river walk and waterfront destination.

The Upper West side is one of the neighborhoods recently favored by the Outerspace Project for their annual gift of street art to Atlanta. You will find great new murals in an area running along Marietta Street  and arching up towards Underwood Hills.  Because the street art is mostly widely spaced you’ll never see all the murals just casually walking down the street so as always…follow the map.


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