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Neighborhood Info     This map shows street art, murals, and graffiti in the Midtown, Virginia Highlands, and Poncey Highlands neighborhoods of Atlanta.  Midtown is Atlanta’s center of arts, culture, and education. Midtown is home to the Woodruff Arts Center which comprises the Alliance Theatre, Symphony Hall, and The High Museum of Art. Other arts organizations found in Midtown are the Ferst center for the arts, Museum of Design Atlanta, the Fabulous Fox Theatre, and the Center for Puppetry Arts.  The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Piedmont Park and The Margaret Mitchell House are other attractions in the Midtown area. The neighborhood is also a major business center boasting many of Atlanta’s iconic high-rise buildings.  Recently, several large-scale works of street art have come to Midtown. For example Alex Brewer’s wall on 14th St.

Originally established as a northern suburb along Atlanta’s streetcar line, Virginia Highlands is now an upscale, affluent, hip and trendy in-town neighborhood.  VA-HI features vibrant nightlife and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. The locals can be found sipping fancy cocktails or premium coffee in the many upscale cafés or eating brunch in neighborhood fixtures such as Murphy’s.  Virginia Highlands also is home to many top-end specialty shops such as Highland Woodworking.

Poncey Highlands is Virginia Highlands southern neighbor.  Poncey highlands is in some ways kinda like Virginia Highlands except crank down the affluence, crank up the quirkyness and toss in a couple of tatoo parlors.  Where else other than Poncey Highlands would the local Kroger be referred to as the “murder Kroger”?  Poncy Highlands is also home to such Atlanta landmarks such as the Majestic Diner and the Cleremont Lounge (I’ll let you Google that one for yourself).

Most of the street art in Midtown and the Highlands can be found on and around the Atlanta Beltline which forms the border between Midtown and the Highlands. However don’t overlook Greg Mike’s two large wall murals on the western edge of Midtown. As always, the map will take you to see all of the street art.


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