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Neighborhood Info     This map shows street art, murals, and graffiti in southeastern Atlanta. Southeast Atlanta is one of the city’s best kept street art secrets. The neighborhood of South Atlanta is the epicenter for murals in this quadrant of town. You will find an impressive array of street art and murals on and around Jonesboro Road. Don’t miss Olive47’s 50 foot long caterpillar! South Atlanta (originally called Brownsville) was a thriving African American community and a center of higher learning, the arts, and business. In 1941 when Clark University and Gammon Theological Seminary, a mainstay of the community relocated, a decades long period of decline began. Towards the end of the 20th century South Atlanta, like many communities, began a trend of revitalization that continues today.

Here are a couple of other pieces of street art in the SE that you should go and see: Don’t miss the large scale mural by Lauren Pallotta Stumberg and Saleam Bey in the Peoplestown neighborhood. Also don’t miss the street art hotspot on Cleveland Ave near Macon Drive.


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