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Neighborhood Info

This map shows street art, murals, and graffiti in the Sweet Auburn, Grant Park, and Summerhill neighborhoods of Atlanta.  Grant Park is a residential area where you will find Victorian mansions and Craftsman style bungalows.  The neighborhood is also home to Zoo Atlanta and Oakland Cemetery, the final resting place of famous Atlantans. Examples include Maynard Jackson (Atlanta’s first African-American mayor) and Margaret Mitchell (author of Gone With The Wind).

African-American civic and political leader John Wesley Dobbs coined the name Sweet Auburn in 1893.  During the restrictive Jim Crow era the Sweet Auburn neighborhood was a haven for Atlanta’s African-American businessmen, entrepreneurs, and the growing African-American middle class.  The neighborhood is the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King. Sweet Auburn is also home to the Martin Luther King Center. You will also find the Ebenezer Baptist Church, the epicenter of the American Civil Rights movement.

Freed slaves and Jewish immigrants settled the Summerhill neighborhood after the Civil War.  In 1870, Summerhill was the location of the only public school for African-American children in Atlanta.  Summerhill was also home to the Atlanta Braves Stadium (1966 – 1996). It’s where Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run in 1974.  In 1996 Olympic Stadium took the place of the Atlanta Braves Stadium. Olympic stadium became Turner Field after the Olympics.  After the Atlanta Braves moved to Cobb County, the former Turner Field became the Georgia State Stadium

Street Art in the Neighborhood

The biggest concentration of street art on this map area is along Edgewood Ave. If you have a little extra time check out the Edgewood Ave Tour which includes murals in nearby neighborhoods. Another smaller, but still not-to-be-missed grouping of murals is on Georgia Avenue near Georgia State Stadium.


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