Edgewood Avenue Walking Tour     The red line is your tour route. Click directly on map markers or scroll down and click on the table below map.
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Neighborhood Info     This map will take you on a 1.2 mile self guided street art and mural walking tour of Edgewood Avenue. The red line is you tour route.  The table below the map is arranged in order according to the tour route.

You will start off in Old Fourth Ward where you will see beautiful and colorful classics works of street art.  One of the highlights of the Old Fourth Ward is the collection of murals near the corner of Decatur Street and Howell Street.

The tour continues through the Sweet Auburn neighborhood which is the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King.  In Sweet Auburn the street art is still beautiful and colorful, but it also conveys a positive social message.  Your tour continues downtown past the iconic 70 foot tall mural of civil rights icon John Lewis.  Also be sure to check out the other self-guided walking tours offered on this website.


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