Pittsburgh     This map includes a walking tour.  The red line is your tour route. Click directly on the map markers or scroll down and click on the table below the map.
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Neighborhood Info

This map shows street art, murals, and Graffiti in the Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville and Adair Park neighborhoods of Atlanta and includes a three mile long walking tour ending about a half mile from the starting point.  See the red line on the map for your tour route.  The table below the map is arranged in order according to the tour route.  First of all let me clarify that we are talking about a neighborhood in Atlanta called “Pittsburgh”, not the city in western Pennsylvania. Be sure to check out the other street art walking tours offered on this website.

Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood is a historically African American community established in 1883 following the Civil War. The railroads were a major economic mainstay of Atlanta, but they had a down side. The land south of the Pegran Rail Yard was so polluted that the area was derisively named “Pittsburgh” as a comparison to the pollution in the neighborhood’s namesake city.

Pittsburgh used to be a thriving community through the 1960’s. Back in the day Pittsburgh boasted a 31 acre trucking facility which was one of the largest of the nation. In the 1980’s, drug peddling gangs accelerated the same decline that many neighborhoods experienced. This decline also brought about the end of Pittsburgh’s trucking facility. Recently, the vacant site of the trucking facility will be the home to Pittsburgh Yards a mixed use development on the Atlanta BeltLine’s southside trail that will include affordable housing (unlike most of the new development along the Beltline.)

Street Art in the Neighborhood

The epicenter of street art in the Pittsburgh neighborhood is the Met complex on Metropolitan Parkway.  The Met is a rabbit warren of industrial buildings catering to artists and other creative types. One of the residents of the Met is Mutiny Artwrx which is an artist’s collective providing studio space to numerous Atlanta artists. In 2019, Mutiny Artwrx sponsored an art event called Artoberfest which brought about 30 of Atlanta’s finest muralists to the Met to paint. The result is a wall of solid murals longer than two footballfields!


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