West End     This map includes a street art walking tour. The red line is your tour route. Click directly on the map markers or scroll down and click on the table below the map.
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Neighborhood Info

This map shows street art, murals, and graffiti in the West End neighborhood of Atlanta. Also, this map includes a 1.5 mile long walking tour ending close to the starting point.  Your tour route is the red line on the map. The table below the map is arranged in order according to the tour route. Be sure to check out the other tours offered on this website.

West End Atlanta’s diversity today mirrors its origin as a junction point of roads running to diverse destinations. This district is a residential neighborhood featuring classic architecture and soul food and vegetarian restaurants.  Like other in-town neighborhoods, West End has experienced gentrification in recent years.  One of the engines driving this transformation is Atlanta Beltline’s Westside Trail which runs along West End’s southwestern edge. In fact the first section of the Atlanta Beltline opened in West End in 2008. That’s why the Beltline’s zero mile marker makes its home in West End

Street Art in the Neighborhood

Many of the West End’s murals are located along the Beltline’s Westside Trail.  Art on the Atlanta Beltline is the sponsor of much of the street art on the Westside Trail. Other concentrations of street art can be found around the Mall West End and along Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.  West End’s murals often convey a socially conscious message for example Fabian Williams’ Colin Kaepernick mural on Peeples Street. But some of the murals are for fun such as Ashley Dopson’s mural of several enthusiastic dogs at the West End Animal Wellness Center.


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