Little Five Points Walking Tour     The red line is your tour route. Click directly on the map markers or scroll down and click on the thumbnail images below the map.
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Neighborhood Info

This map will take you on a half mile long walking tour of street art, murals, and graffiti in Atlanta’s Little Five Points Neighborhood.  Your tour ends very close to the starting point. See the red line on the map for your tour route.  The table below the map is arranged in order according to the tour route.  Also check out the other self guided street art walking tours offered on this website.

Little Five Points was first established as the business district for the nearby Inman Park neighborhood.  In my opinion Little Five Points wins the prize for Atlanta’s quirkiest and most bohemian neighborhood (With East Atlanta coming in a close second).  The neighborhood boasts vintage clothing shops, funky restaurants and bars, sidewalk vendors and street musicians.  This is also a great Atlanta neighborhood to people watch especially in the evenings when the weather is nice

Street Art in the Neighborhood

Little Five Points is one of the Atlanta neighborhoods where an impressive amount of street art, spray art, murals, and graffiti are highly concentrated in one easily walkable area. Everything is within a few hundred feet of the corner of Euclid Ave and Moreland Ave. But not all of the street art is visible from the sidewalk so be sure to make full use of the map to find the hidden murals. Don’t miss the jaw-dropping photorealistic mural by JEKS of the home-town hip-hop duo Outkast. This hidden gem is in a back parking lot that you would never see just walking down the street. Also be on the lookout for masterful graffiti pieces by local luminaries Mr. Totem and VAYNE.


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