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Neighborhood Info    This map shows street art, murals, and graffiti in the Inman Park and Reynoldstown neighborhoods of Atlanta.  Inman Park was developed in the late 1880’s as Atlanta’s first planned suburb. The neighborhood was created by Joel Hurt an Atlanta civil engineer and property developer. Inman Park was originally intended to be a whites-only segregated suburban “oasis”.  It was conveniently connected to the city by Atlanta’s brand new electric street car. Inman Park’s prominent residents included the likes of Asa Candler the founder of The Coca-Cola Company and Atlanta’s 41st mayor.

The coming of the automobile allowed newer and more fashionable suburbs to spring up farther out from the city. Inman Park eventually fell out of favor and fell into disrepair. After a successful revitalization effort Inman Park is once again a vibrant and fashionable residential neighborhood. You will find great restaurants, cafes, and bakeries bordering Atlanta’s East Beltline Trail.

After the Civil war Reynoldstown was settled by freed slaves who helped to rebuild Atlanta’s railroads. With the decline of the railroads in the 1950’s Reynoldstown also went into decline. In the 1990’s gentrification of the neighborhood began and today that trend is still going strong.


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