Finding the Art     Atlanta has a wealth of street art, spray art, murals and graffiti.  The trick is finding it; and THAT’S the purpose of this website.  Think of streetartmap.org as your on-line tour guide to Atlanta’s amazing public art.  This is not a “coffee table book”.  This is a field guide.  Streetartmap.org will take you out into the neighborhoods to experience the artwork in person.

The highly detailed and frequently updated maps on this website are broken down by neighborhood.  When you zoom in on the map to the building level, each marker will locate the side of the building with the mural.  If the graffiti is on the back retaining wall of a parking lot behind a building, then the map marker will show you exactly where that wall is.  The map’s pop-up InfoWindow will even give you driving (or walking) directions to each piece of street art and a link to the artist’s website or social media page and a link to a larger image. 

Screen shot of Google Maps showing navigation to the selected street artNavigating     If you allow Streetartmap.org to access your device’s location, you will see a “you are here” marker on your map (as long as you are within the bounds of the map as currently displayed).  A good way to navigate to the next mural is by clicking on the “get directions” link in either the pop-up InfoWindow or in the marker table below the map.  The “get directions” link will take you directly into Google Maps with the selected mural as the “to” location and your current location as the “from” location.  You can select the walking or driving icon at the top of the Google Maps display.  After you have reached your selected mural, hitting “back” on your device will return you to the website.

Take a Walking Tour     In most Atlanta neighborhoods, the murals are spread out.  However the following three neighborhoods have very concentrated populations of street art.

  • Cabbagetown / Reynoldstown (along Wylie St. and Tennelle St.)
  • East Atlanta (along Glenwood Ave. and Flat Shoals Ave.)
  • Little 5 points (along Euclid Ave. and Moreland Ave.)

The map markers in each of these 3 neighborhoods will take you on a walking tour.  Your tour begins at the marker immediately below the map.  In each of these three neighborhoods free on-street parking is a short walk from the first mural.  Then just click on the marker listings below the map in top-to-bottom order for your self-guided walking tour.

Keep your eyes open     By its very nature, street art is temporary and constantly changing.  Spray art disappears and appears on a daily basis.  This website can’t (and doesn’t attempt to) cover 100% of the murals and graffiti.  So be ready for surprises.  Keep on the lookout for new street art that is not yet on the map.  Because there is so much art along the wall in Cabbagetown / Reynoldstown only a sample is mapped.  You will find several great murals between each of the mapped ones.  If a mapped mural no longer exists, please go to the contact page and let me know.

Be Safe     Please use common sense when walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods.  Just because a location is on the map is NOT a guaranty that the surroundings are free from crime.  If a location doesn’t feel comfortable or safe to you (for example a dimly lit tunnel or back parking lot), then please don’t go there.  Stay safe and have fun.

The Focus is on Murals     For purely practical reasons, this website focuses on murals. An occasional tag might sneak in, but only tags that have a mural-like quality.  I could devote an entire website to tags, paste-ups and 3D installations etc, but there are only so many hours in the day so I have to keep my focus narrow.

Shameless Plugs     If you like this website’s content, you might also like my Instagram content.  Check it out here:  https://www.instagram.com/art_r_7106/   Feel free to share this website with all of your friends.  Please also feel free to include a link to this website on your website or on your social media.  The more support we can generate for Atlanta street art the better.

Who am I and Why am I Doing This?     I am a recently retired engineer.  Creating and maintaining this website is one of my hobbies and all of the pictures on this website were taken by me. I have always liked art but I first became interested in street art during a walking tour of Bushwick in New York.  Street art was a perfect source of Instagram content and I enjoyed the treasure hunt aspect of finding cool new images.  I searched the internet to find new street art around Atlanta for my Instagram posts.  I quickly realized that I couldn’t find everything I wanted on the existing websites, and that sparked the idea for this website.  I’m having fun creating it and hopefully you will enjoy using it.

Art Rudick
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer